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We are BEYOND excited to share our news about our wonderful sponsors. Colorado Springs Homeschool Sports League or CSHSL is a volunteer operated, player driven, parent managed organization. We could not be successful with the costs of the field rentals and equipment without our Sponsors. Please check-out our amazing Sponsors for our Season!

Welcome to our league! 

Peak Sponsor

Maximum Storage for Maximum Living.png

We understand that you have a choice in who you use to take care of your precious possessions and if you choose Maximum Storage you will quickly see what makes us different.


Our express goal is to make it easy and a pleasure to do business with us. We have 3 core values that drive what we do:

  1. Offer a high quality product for reasonable prices

  2. Provide peace of mind for our customers

  3. Deliver excellence in service


We believe you deserve the best when it comes to protecting your investment because you’ve worked hard for what you have. So we don’t just offer space, we offer Peace of Mind.

Empowered Margins

Empowered Margins builds data management products for Associations, Insurance, and Healthcare Providers. If you know anyone in these industries who work with data, please reach out at or (719) 581-2221 to connect us. 


We have 50 developers with more data integration experience than nearly any other company, so our work multiplies time, money and opportunity as our clients get more actionable strategies from the right data at the right time.


Pinnacle Sponsor

3T Martial Arts

3T Martial Arts is not just training, but how you reinforce values in a homeschool education. Co-owners Christina and Eric Davis are experts in values-based education. Their curriculum complements homeschool by linking together the mind, body and spirit (the 3 "tigers" in 3T). Kids learn by doing, and complex lessons like discipline and respect will stick if they're delivered in the context of active learning.


Mesa Sponsor

Dr. Caleb White, D.C.

Dr. Caleb White is a 2007 graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College and a 2003 graduate of Pittsburg State University. After an internship at the VA hospital in Kansas City, he moved, with his wife Megan, to Colorado Springs and became the Clinical director of Northeast Chiropractic Center. It is Dr. White’s emphasis to create a family atmosphere at NorthEnd Chiropractic Center where you feel genuinely cared for. Dr. White treats patients of all ages; from newborns to those later in life.

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