Lost & Found




  • Old Navy camo hoodie, size Large (10-12)

  • Nike Brown Warm-up Jacket, adult size small

  • Under Armour black warm-up jacket, youth size large

  • Under Armour black heavy hoodie, adult size small

Camo Hoodie.jpg
Nke Warm-up Jacket.jpg
Under Armour Warm-up Jacket.jpg
Under Armour black heavy hoodie.jpg
  • Black 2020 State Basketball Championship hoodie, Gildan brand, no size on tag but looks like child-size large

  • Calvin Klein black V-neck tee, adult size medium

  • Adidas warm-up jacket, navy with lime green trim, child size 7

Black 2020 BBall Hoodie.jpg
black V-neck tee.jpg
Adidas navy with lime green trim.jpg

*** We also have a collection of different balls that need to be claimed. 

  • Soccer Balls

blue and white adidas soccer ball.jpg
pepsi soccer ball.jpg
pink and white adidas soccer ball.jpg
mini Dick's sporting goods ball.jpg
blue and yellow soccer ball.jpg
lotto soccer ball.jpg
  • Various Water Bottles

2021 assorted water bottles.jpg
wilson football.jpg
football (2).jpg
pink gem bracelet.jpg
hope bracelet.jpg
erfly necklace.jpg
dogman book.jpg
blue and white adidas soccer ball.jpg